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Day 298 20181025

Very late today (and too late to have been able to  realistically do anything had I needed to) I received an email from British Airways about having been caught up in the hacking incident they had earlier in the year.  Back then a friend of mine had booked at the time and cancelled their card as a precaution.  By a fluke of timing I didn’t have to as the card used had been cancelled a month or so ago, so I have been lucky in that respect.  I have though contacted BA about the issue as there is certain information they have left out of their email (which I won’t publish here for obviousl reasons) that may or may not have been affected by the hack.  An absence of reference probably means everything is ok, but I don’t take chances like that.  Hopefully it is just a case of forgetting to mention rather than forgetting to look at whether other data has been comprised.  Their reply (and possibly the speed of it) could be telling.