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Day 333 20181129

One of my jobs earlier in the year was to do a minor work on the patio doors to ensure that they shut propperly for the winter with all the locking points connecting to create a proper seal from the elements outside.  With that successul the next thing I want to do is to replace what is called the slave lock on one of the doors.  The original one had suffered as a result of the weather being able to sneak in.  While it does still work, it’s very stiff to use, often needing a screwdriver to act as a lever to help raise the bolt.  Therefore, so that I can freely open both patio doors I’ve purchased a replacement lock.  A few measurements and a bit of internet searching and I had found what I needed.  I won’t fit it to next year as there’s no need to now, but it will be nice not to wonder if I really want to have both doors open in what I hope will be another nice summer.